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November 30, 2009



I hope those vegie plates work Beth. Isabelle is a fussy vegie eater too, sometimes she will eat peas and corn, other times she wont. She does eat avocado and beetroot though although we dont have that every night. My son went through a phase of no vegies and then I started the 2 week trial test, a new vegie to eat for 2 weeeks and when he got used to that one he tried another one. He eats carrots, peas, beans, cauliflower and corn (which he never liked before then) so I am happy and hopefully one day I can try it out on Isabelle when the weather gets wintery again.


Love the plate! Should make meal time lots of fun. Maybe I should get Kevin one for Christmas. He's 17 and still won't eat many vegatables. Hope Chloe is over all her illness. Looking forward to seeing all of you over the holidays.


Those are gorgeous. Don't despair, both mine started out like wonders eating anything, went down the horrible won't eat anythingroute and now Ella is starting to come back the other way (at 6) and asked for a chorizo we were eating and ate it!

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